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When sourcing furniture from bali you might want to take a look at a number of different companies. First decide what sort of furniture you are interested in. Bali is famous for rattan furniture as well as bamboo, cane and furniture made from the banana tree.

These renewable materials are friendly to the environment and easily sustainable which makes them ideal for anyone that wants to do their part to help the issues regarding global warming.

Depending on the size of the company they will normally take between 4 to 6 weeks to fill an order for a 20ft container. This can vary and it is always a good idea to check with the company and even add a delivery clause into the contract.

Exporting furniture from Bali is a simple process. There are plenty of cheap flights to Bali so it is easy to visit each of the companies to see them manufacturing the chairs, settees and other items of furniture before ordering and once you are happy with the products you can buy the items that you like.

There are many logisitc and cargo companies that can organise the packing and shipping to any country across the World.

It is worth rmembering that there are certain restrictions for some countires with regard to importing timber and wooden products.

You should always as a matter of course have the whole container fumigated and ensure that the certificate is included with all of the paperwork. This should kill off any bugs, pests or insects that live in or on the wood

Some countires will want to have the container re fumigated again on landing in the port before clearing customs.

Australia is on of the more stricter countires on this matter.

There are traditional, modern and contemporary designs available for you to choose from. You will be spoilt for choice when buying any number of styles and types of different products.

Hard wood furniture is generally made from teak which is imported from other areas of Indonesia and brought into the country before being prepared and made into fine pieces that will last for many years.

Once again there are so many different types of furniture from garden furniture to products for the home. Indoor lounge and dining room products as well as office furniture and bars, bar stools and other items suitable for restuarants and bars.

For the best selection of  fashion wholesale in women’s clothing you will be spoiled for choice.

Design your own range or of hip hop clothing or buy the quality ready made lines off the peg.

You will find many small family run tailors offering their services around the island offering a small personal service.

Many Australian and American designers operate within Bali Indonesia making all different lines from T-shirts and branded fashionable lines.

If you want to design your own range or pick up a range ready to go you will find it all here with friendly and helpful service throughout.

Bali soap is famous and you will find a wide extensive range of handmadesoap  from palm and coconut oils and are seasoned with unique blends of exotic spices, flowers, and plant extracts from the island of Bali.

Specialize in making bar soap using the cold process method which leaves a high glycerin content resulting in a naturally moisturizing soap and a long with all the natural ingredients makes for a special product.

All different types of natural growing herbs and spices are found here and used in the production of the islands natural handmade soaps.

The smell of the exotic ingredients used is a lovely addition to any bath time or bathroom filling the atmosphere with lush tropical aromas.

What ever you requirements you will find a fantastic choice of wooden houses, timber log cabins and log homes here.

If its a full size wooden cottage or a summer house or shed there are many companies offering a bespoke design service.

Timber homes are in many ways ecological and economic. They are easy and fast to build with low maintenance.

Wood is naturally warm in winter and cool in summer.

The buildings are made then disassembled and packed ready to ship to your destination.

You can design your own special little haven to be erected anywhere in the world and designed to your specific requirements whether it,s a 3 bedroom family home or a little garden shed to hide away and part take in your hobby.

In this day and age it makes more sense  to expand your current dwelling than move to a larger property so add a wooden extension is an ideal option.

Bali and the surrounding islands have a great choice of terracotta products including earth fired pottery and hand painted pots for the home and garden, lampshades and lamps for the house.

Decorated with shell in many of the family run business the hand finished products are second to none.

A popular decoration on the island is using crushed egg shell.

Once the terracotta has been baked the surface is than scratched off and the egg shell applied.

The time and patience needed for this is enormous but the end result worth it.

This technique is used to decorate all manor of terracotta from plates and platters to bowls and pots.

You can see a wide range of large alibaba type pots to decorate your garden or pool area in a wide choice of shapes, styles and colours.

Bali wood statues and carvings are produced inland on this tropical island where the talented wood carvers produce hand carved items.

The wood used is often Teak or Suar and is made into Balinese wood carvings and statues.

More traditional types of wood sculptures and statues can be found including Buddha and many other religious and Hindu themes and also scenes depicting local daily life and animals are found.

Life size replicas can be seen of the local Komodo dragons and turtles and even a dolphin or elephant.

For centuries wood carvers and artists have used their skills for architectural purposes in temples,  palaces and houses creating intricate detailed wall art and plaques.

Art sculpture is also made for religious purpose as well as decorative.

With a wide range of different materials available you will find everything from natural teak wooden garden furniture to man made synthetic and bamboo garden furniture.

The teak furniture comes in all shapes sizes styles and designs offering a more traditional Balinese outdoor furniture design and concept.

Rattan garden furniture is a strong woven fabric which is weather proof, strong durable and provides low maintenance option.

Rattan furniture is dyed to make vibrant colours giving a contemporary design to your garden, pool area or conservatory.

Many artists on the island paint vibrant scenes of the local landscape or commissioned portraits painted with oil on canvas.

There are many reproductions of modern and traditional oil and water colours depicting tribal scenes to pop stars found here and you can have your own specific painting commissioned of your choice.

Ubud is located in the center of Bali and is renowned for it,s art and artist paintings from traditional unique art dot where a picture is made up of a series of small dots to create scenes of the local landscape a very unusual and distinctive type of art typically found here.

The qualities most appreciated by the Balinese artist are fine detail, technical precision and sureness of hand, related to the particular tradition of style in the art form.

The term stone carving is of particular significance to sculptors being a reference to a particular way of producing sculpture, as opposed to modelling in clay or casting.

Volcanic rock or lava rock and limestone are hand carved to create stones statues with characters from Balinese and Indonesian myths and legends.

Stone carving is an ancient activity where pieces of natural stone are shaped into sculptures or figurines.

Bali produces some of the best quality coffee in the world and is the third largest coffee exporter producing premium coffee.

The taste depends on how it is grown processed and and is  prepared prepared for the different brewing methods,machines and filters.

You will see coffee beans being dried in there hot sunshine before being sent from the coffee plantations tot he coffee plant for preparation.

Many Bali coffee farmers work as a cooperative when selling the coffee and most still use the ancient farming methods passed down the generations ensuring top quality organic coffee in every cup.

Some world famous coffee of the region is the Luwak coffee and Sumatrian coffee.

Coffee Luwak is made after the beans are eaten by a weasel like animal and then passed undigested and collected and processed giving it a distinct flavour.


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